Picking A Suit Style To Match Your Haircut

Choosing A Suit Style To Match Your Haircut:

Notched lapel versus peaked lapel suits

Whether you’re getting ready for date night or a big presentation at the office, trimming up your
beard and getting a haircut is important for you to look and feel your best. And so is how you
dress and present yourself.

When shopping for a suit or sportcoat, one of the big decisions that you'll need to make is
whether you want a notched lapel or peaked lapel jacket. This blog post is going to explain the
key differences between the two styles and help you to determine the right one for you and your

What exactly is a suit lapel anyway?

Simply put, the lapel of a suit is the folded flap of cloth on a jacket. It is shaped by folding over the front edges of the jacket and sewing to the collar. There are actually three types of lapels: notched, peaked, and shawl. The latter is usually what you see on a tuxedo (think James Bond). Since the dinner jacket or tuxedo is in a world all its own, this article will focus on the two most common lapels: the notched lapel and peaked lapel.

notched lapel vs peaked lapel.png

What does a notched lapel look like?

The notched lapel is pretty much the standard in men's suiting. Traditional yet contemporary, it will be found on jackets ranging from your weekend sportcoat to your go-to business suit. The notched lapel is categorized by a notch where the jacket collar meets the lapel at a 75 - 90 deg angle. If you need just one suit, I recommend making it a notched lapel, simply because this style is the most versatile. You can wear it to work, to the bar, to an interview, just about anywhere you like.

notched lapel suit.png

The Peaked Lapel (for a bolder look)

A peaked lapel is defined by the lapel edges pointing up and towards the shoulder. Traditionally, this lapel was seen in very formal garments like the morning coat or the tailcoat. Similar to something like a collar bar, you can't really dress down a peaked lapel. Whether it's on a double breasted suit or not, you'll stand out from the crowd.

peaked lapel.png

Regardless, don't shy away from the peaked look. Yes, it's generally a dressier look than the notched lapel jacket style, but is there anything wrong with dressing up?! I think that it’s an appropriate look in most Denver offices, especially when the fabric is a bit casual.

So, what's the best lapel for you? In summary, here’s what you need to know:

Notched lapel: appropriate for most business attire and formal occasions

Peaked lapel: when you want something more formal and bold. It's a dressier look and shows a little more bravado. Wear when you're running the meeting at work or you’re the groom.

Understanding the differences between the two, and more importantly, what occasions call for which lapel style, can help you to build the suit that's right for you and help you make smart buying decisions.

And remember, a man's style is all about knowing the rules and then bending them just far enough to match your personality. Good fashion is about wearing what makes you feel confident. You have the haircut, so make sure that your suit is on par.

About Ryan Wagner

Ryan is a co-founder of Bespoke Edge, a Denver based custom clothier. He writes regularly for Cherry Creek Now magazine and is an expert on groom’s attire in the local wedding industry.

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